ReconAfrica Tests 3rd Well in Namibia

Source: ReconAfrica

Canada-based ReconAfrica and Namibia state oil company NAMCOR have confirmed their third stratigraphic test well in the Kavango basin.

ReconAfrica (Reconnissance Energy Africa) and its joint venture partner, NAMCOR, reported that test well 1819/8‑2 had reached a target depth of 2056 meters, gathering data from all geological targets.

ReconAfrica has been granted licenses by Namibia and Botswana to explore and confirm the presence of those countries hydrocarbon resources and, if commerciality is declared, the Company is entitled to a long-term production licence to develop them.

The JV partners did not reveal what was found in the well. Rather, they described current operations as focused on capturing well data and initiating analysis of that data.

The company-owned rig, Jarvie-1, will remain on site until logging and coring operations are completed. A vertical seismic profile tool will also be run to a total depth to tie into the 2D seismic program.

Processing of the second phase of 761 kilometers of 2D seismic is nearly completed, with early results being used to refine drilling locations for the upcoming stratigraphic wells.

The next well of this planned continuous drilling program was scheduled to have the rig on location by the end of last month.

ReconAfrica is an oil and gas E&P company that works collaboratively with national governments to explore oil and gas potential in the Kavango Basin of Northeast Namibia and Northwest Botswana.

ReconAfrica’s license to operate permits conventional, early-stage exploration, within the Namibian area of the Kavango area.